WHAT:  A FREE, all day, outdoor, non-denominational, Christian music festival featuring Brevard County’s top Christian music bands.



SPF Background

The dream of Chris Herrnkind, Mike Reed and Norm Channell came true on May 12, 2007, when the first Spring Praise Fest (SPF1) was born.

The first SPF was held at the Riverside Presbyterian Church, Cocoa Beach and they became the Host Church and remained the Host Church until 2015.  Click on the logo below for their website:

The first Praise Fest was so successful that they moved the 2nd Praise Fest to Riverside Park in Cocoa Village for SPF 2008 and it became an annual Festival on the third Saturday of March every year since then.

The Club Zion Community Church took over the Host responsibilities in 2016. Clink on logo below for their website:

It was the unified collaboration of six Brevard County praise bands, making a difference in today’s music world, showing that it is OK to sing praises to our God, and that contemporary Christian music is relevant. In today’s society, more and more people are looking for positive influences in their lives.

Spring Praised Fest is standing down until further notice.

The Spring Praise Fest is a FREE family event that is produced locally, run by an all volunteer staff, and does not involve the greatest money-maker for area events; alcohol.  Having been involved with events, both large and small in Cocoa Village and elsewhere, we can tell you that what these volunteers are able to accomplish is incredible. This talented, professional group has come together with a passion for giving back to the community. This generous spirit is contagious as it inspires volunteers, involved businesses, area bands and participants to support this annual event. Every dime raised goes directly into the event.

We are confident that the families looking for a relaxed destination with a safe, reliable reputation for providing a family friendly, alcohol free event will find it in the Riverfront Park with dynamic Christian music. Spring Praise Fest offers this environment to primarily a local audience. FLORIDA TODAY, WRRJ 89.7, WMIE 91,5, WRDJ 93,5 and HOPE 106.3 assist us in promoting this event.  We have countless businesses that sponsor the Spring Praise Fest and their logos are shown on each page of the SPF website, Posters and T-Shirts.

Mission Statement of Spring Praise Fest

The conception of this festival had one purpose and one purpose only and that was to create an event where people of ALL Christian affiliation could gather in one place, putting aside doctrinal differences and focus on doing the one, single and meaningful congruent facet of our faith…worshiping the Holy Trinity of God. We believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who’s Son Jesus Christ was born of a Virgin, lived a perfectly sinless life and gave that life up freely on a wooden cross so that the wage of our sin could be paid through His blood. His physical life paid the ransom of our sin so that we might be free if we accept His salvation gift. It is for this reason that we gather together from all Christian religions and sing praises to God almighty and thanks to His Son Jesus for our gift.

Therefore the board of directors, having likeness of mind to the above written statement does reserve the right to scrutinize vendors desirous of participating in the function. No vendors will be allowed participation if material and subject matter deals with opinion of any particular religious doctrine outside of the salvation message and belief in Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior. We reserve the right to err on the side of caution so as to assure alliance to our purpose. It is not to be construed that this board either agrees or disagrees with opinions wishing to be relayed at the festival, only that such subject matter wishing to be conveyed is in congruent to the festival purpose.