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2018 Band Schedule

11:30 – “Three of The Thirty” Facebook Page

12:50 – “11th Hour Culture”  Church Website

2:10    – “Club Zion Worship Band”  Church Website

3:30    – “River City Worship Band”  Church Website  

4:50    – “KD3” Facebook Page

6:10    – “ECCC Metal Church Worship Band”  Church Website 


Three of The Thirty
Church Website

“THREE OF THE THIRTY” Rock & Roll + Theology – Forged in the fire of friendship, three musicians have come together bringing with them their life experiences in a fusion of Rock, spirituality and all things in between. Combining elements of Post-grunge, reggae and country, “Three Of The Thirty” are ready to bring the good news with a level of energy and professionalism to stages all across Florida.

Club Zion Community Church Praise Band
Church Website

Club Zion Community Church hosts the Spring Praise Fest and is a non-denominational Christian Church located in Cocoa Beach that’s “All About Jesus”. The Praise Band is lead by the church Pastor Keith Capizzi who plays bass and Associate Pastor John Simpson performing vocals and lead guitar. This high energy worship band has performed across Central Florida and has recorded both inspirational and Christmas CD’s.

  1. Abiding In Your Grace Club Zion Praise Band 3:26

11th Hour Culture  REVIVING SOULS Ministries
Church Website

 The 11th Hour Culture is an Outreach Ministry of Reviving Souls Ministries, Inc. located in the city of Cocoa, Fl. The group has been performing for several years and was formed to minister outside of the walls of Reviving Souls. Their music style ranges from Gospel R&B to Christian Rap and even a hymn from time to time. They believe that God is able to save, heal, and draw men into His Kingdom through Gospel Music. It is their Goal to evangelize the community and abroad using the gift of music that has been given to them. Most of all, they Love the Lord and the people of God.

KD3 (Dave Bryan) Christian Rapper, Motivational Speaker
Facebook Page

Born in Kingston Jamaica; raised in Maryland and currently residing in Florida, this warrior for Christ Jesus is definitely taking the universal language of music by way of Christian Rap with a hint of R&B & Reggae to the extreme. Known as KD3, Pastor Dave C. Bryan Licensed and Ordained, is on an all-out mission to reach “THE FUTURE” through God’s Word.

River City Worship Band
Church Website 

The River City Worship Band is an eclectic group of musicians from Titusville and Cocoa. They will be mixing musicians from the FIVE in cocoa and the musicians from Indian River City Methodist Church in Titusville. They will have their acoustic guitar choir with them that has about 25-30 musicians. To get connected with this Worship Ministry check out the Church Website shown above the picture. You can also find their music on iTunes and other places where digital music is sold.

ECCC Metal Church Worship Band
Church Website 

 At the East Coast Metal Church you will find a place where it doesn’t matter where you’ve been but it’s all about where you’re going. We will meet you where you’re at with the love of Christ and believe for you to see God and all of His love for you. Our services will be a place where you will feel welcome no matter the color of your hair, your heavy ink, your piercings, or your taste in music! We know Christ paid a huge price for us all and we know how precious you are to Him. So come join us, as we journey into the kingdom of God, with our arms wide open and ready to receive you just the way you are!



Band Performance Inquiries
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11:30 PM – Coastal Community Church
Church Website

12:50 PM – KD3
Artist Website

2:10 PM – Club Zion
Club Zion Community Church “Club Zion Community Church Praise Band”
Church Website

3:30 PM – Community of Worship
Various Churches Community Of Worship Praise Band

4:50 PM –  11th Hour Crew  REVIVING SOULS Ministries

6:10 PM – Church At Viera
Church At Viera Praise Band
Church Website